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Think you'd like to add a Posh Bengal Spot Kitten to your family?

Start Here

Before filling out our kitten application please read through our kitten contract. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! Once you have read the kitten contract and are still interested in getting one of our kittens please fill out the application below. 

Kitten Contract

Introducing our PURR-mier Wait List

8 x 10 in copy.png
Leopard Frame.png

Current PURR-mier Waiting List

1. Kathryn K. (wants female)
2. Lilian N. (will be ready Feb-Apr 2024)
3. Sara H. (brown or snow female)
4. Lena G. (wants female)
5. Liz O. (will be ready Feb 2024)

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