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 Occasionally we will have a retired adult. A retired adult is a Bengal Cat that was once a working cat in our breeding program as either a Sire or Dam, and who has now been spayed or neutered and ready to enjoy the rest of their life as a household pet after they have contributed back to the preservation of the wonderful Bengal Breed. They come with TICA papers and all immunizations are up to date, so they are ready for their forever homes. Just keep in mind that we are looking for their forever homes and need someone to love them unconditionally; this is a lifelong commitment. So before you take one on, please understand that Bengals do come with a certain level of responsibility. If you're ready, these beautiful Bengals are looking for their new homes!

We will be retiring a few of our current females over the next year. Please check back regularly or reach out to me if you are interested in the possibility of adopting one of our adult Bengals.

Vengalicat Duchess Lottie Da


My sweet sweet Duchess. She is retired now after she faced a uterine infection that required her spay. Duchess is looking for a home that will stay in touch with me and treat her like the most amazing queen she is. She loves to cuddle while you sit on the couch, sleeps with us at night, running on the cat wheel and goes bonkers for cat nip and feather wands. She has been scanned annually by a board certified cardiologist for HCM yearly and clear thus far and has no health issues. She occasionally will nibble your hand, not hard but a love bite, if you stop petting her when she’s not ready for you to be done yet. She’s never broken skin but because of this I would prefer her to not have young children in the home. She gets along great with non aggressive dogs. She loves to be the center of attention and will need to start off being the only cat in the home, eventually after adjusting she would be fine with a kitten coming in later on. She just won’t adjust to sharing her queen bee status with adult cats. She will be 3 years old August 24th. If you think your home meets all our requirements for our Duchess please message me privately. I‘m looking for the purrfect home for this beautiful girl, there is an adoption fee of $1,500

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