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 Occasionally we will have a retired adult. A retired adult is a Bengal Cat that was once a working cat in our breeding program as either a Sire or Dam, and who has now been spayed or neutered and ready to enjoy the rest of their life as a household pet after they have contributed back to the preservation of the wonderful Bengal Breed. They come with TICA papers and all immunizations are up to date, so they are ready for their forever homes. Just keep in mind that we are looking for their forever homes and need someone to love them unconditionally; this is a lifelong commitment. So before you take one on, please understand that Bengals do come with a certain level of responsibility. If you're ready, these beautiful Bengals are looking for their new homes, please message for more information about their adoption fee!

SpotsofGold Bluetiful  Neytiri


Neytiri is our blue queen that carries Seal Sepia. We have always had a desire to create a stunning blue line, it's just always seemed just out of reach with the timing of retiring our blue carrying cats. Neytiri has such a wild gorgeous look to her and an sweet personality! She is definitely a momma's girl and meets me every morning demanding her raw food. 

Neytiri's Pedigree

PKDef Results

Color Coat Test & PRA-B

HCM Results

Negative 7/14/22

Report available on request

LuluLeopardz Blazing Heart Casanova

Casanova is our upcoming stud and quite the character! He carries one part of the charcoal genetics so with paired with a few of our girls that carry the other part we will be able to produce Charcoal, Silver Charcoal, Seal Lynx Charcoal and Silver Seal Lynx Charcoals. We are so excited to see his future kittens. He is also Pure For Spotting. 


Casanova's Pedigree

PKDef Results

PRAb Results

Color Coat Test

Optimal Selection Report

HCM Results

Negative 6/8/23

Report available on request

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