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Updated as of 1/5/2021

All of our kittens stay with us until they are a minimum of 12 weeks old, no exception. Our pet kitten prices include their spay/neuter, age appropriate shots, microchip, deworming, welcome home baby kit, TICA registration and a lifetime of support from us. Shipping of kittens is an additional charge. We have a $500 nonrefundable deposit that goes towards the purchase price but reserves your kitten in your name. You can like our facebook page to see more pics too!

 If you would like to be added to the wait list for one of our Posh Bengal Spots Kittens please fill out a kitten application and we will let you know soon after where you are on our waiting list.

Introducing our Posh Bengal Spots Rocky Litter

CosmicBengal Lady Sterling x SilverStorm Titanium Knight Kittens born on 10/15/2020 

Meet Rocky!!! He's not Italian but rather a Bengal Stallion instead. He's a little warrior and ready to take on the world!

Reserved for Ruth K.

A D R I A N....did you yell that out loud with me? This beauty is blossoming everyday and her personality is something else! She likes to pretend she's shy at first and then pounces all over you the next minute. 

Reserved for Katie J.

Oh Apollo! This boy is boastful, so smart and incredibly confident! They say you aren't bragging if you can back it up and this lil man can certainly back it up!

Reserved for Rebecca G.

Introducing our Posh Bengal Spots "Charlie Brown's Christmas Litter

SpottedEnvy Cali Boo Thang x BluSkye Romeo Hearts Desire 

born on 10/22/2020 

Charlie Brown is such a lovable character! He is always cheering on his siblings in all their silly cat antics and is usually the ring leader!

Reserved for Gabriella C.

Lucy.....Talk about a little flirt! But don't let that cute girl fool you!!! With 3 brothers she has to be tough and sometimes can even be seen as a brute taking one of the brothers down in a wrestling match. 

Reserved for Morgan

Linus is such a sweetheart that purrs instaneously! He's got a lot of spunk to him and super intelligent. He's so quick to learn, like using the litter box. His sweet face just melts me. 

Reserved for Meagan & Chester

Peppermint Patty

When she's not napping this little spitfire holds her own to her brothers. Her and Lucy make a great team not taking any guff off of them. But first a nap ha ha

Reserved for Alyson & Ella


While you won't see this lil guy playing a piano he certainly pounces around to his own tune and plays on your heartstrings. I often find him right on my heels just following me like he owns the place.  

Reserved for Kristina H.

Previous Posh Bengal Spots Litters

(All of these kittens have gone to their new home but give a great example of what you can expect with a Posh Bengal Spots Kitten)

The Force Awakens


Posh Bengal Spots

Kylo Ren






All Babies are sold to approved homes only. Please read our Adoption policy for more information. If you see a kitten and would like more information, please give me a call at 509-869-1695 or e-mail me at poshbengalspots@gmail.com. A non-refundable deposit of $500.00 is required to reserve a kitten in your name. 

All pictures and images are the exclusive property of Posh Bengal Spots and cannot be reproduce or copied with out the written consent of Tabitha Gitthens.

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