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Updated as of 4/13/2020

We are so happy to introduce to you:

They are all growing so much and developing their own little purrsonalities. You all know how I like to have themed names for our litters. It’s a lot of fun and easy for their future kitten families to identify them in pictures this way. Well with a global pandemic and crazy hoarding going on I just couldn’t resist with these names. I hope you all find the humor in them, we all need to laugh more these days. So here is our litter’s themed names and I will post each kitten individually shortly and will be contacting those on our waiting list. We hope you are all staying safe from this virus and sane for those with human kids who are now homeschooling!!!

**PSA under no circumstances should you use your Bengal cat in the unfortunate circumstances you are a victim to the TP shortage**

CosmicBengal Lady Sterling and BluSkyeBengals Romeo Hearts Desire welcomed 3 beautiful kittens on March 9th. These kittens are pending to our waiting list. Be sure to like our page on facebook for the most up to date news.

Our pet kitten prices include their spay/neuter, age appropriate shots, microchip, deworming, welcome home baby kit, TICA registration and a lifetime of support from us. We have a $500 nonrefundable deposit that goes towards the purchase price but reserves your kitten in your name. You can like our facebook page to see more pics too!

 If you would like to be added to the wait list for one of our Posh Bengal Spots Kittens please fill out a kitten application and we will let you know soon after where you are on our waiting list.


Cottonelle was born with the right balance of strength and softness for an affectionate Bengal. She is definitely unique in the TP industry with her beautifully contrasted spotted pattern and gorgeous silver color. Cottonelle is a variety pack of sorts she is super sweet, gentle and brings you all the comfort your butt needs.

She is currently under evaluation to possibly stay with us


Enjoy the go go go with this little beauty. She desires to be that long lasting roll in your life. Like her sister she has that gorgeous spotted pattern but is a warm brown color…. however she wants everyone to know she was #1 and not #2 in the birthing race with her sister. While she is squeezably soft we don’t recommend squeezing the Charmin! She is $2,200

Available but pending our waiting list

Pepe Le Mew

This little hunk is totally confident and seeks nothing more than your love. The only thing that stinks about this boy is he is absolutely stinking adorable!!! His sheeted marble pattern has him the softest of the whole bunch. He’s excited for a posh life where he is smothered in more love than he can even imagine. 

Reserved for a Posh life Dawn & Mac

Previous Posh Bengal Spots Litters

(All of these kittens have gone to their new home but give a great example of what you can expect with a Posh Bengal Spots Kitten)

The Force Awakens


Posh Bengal Spots

Kylo Ren



All Babies are sold to approved homes only. Please read our Adoption policy for more information. If you see a kitten and would like more information, please give me a call at 509-869-1695 or e-mail me at poshbengalspots@gmail.com. A non-refundable deposit of $500.00 is required to reserve a kitten in your name. 

All pictures and images are the exclusive property of Posh Bengal Spots and cannot be reproduce or copied with out the written consent of Tabitha Gitthens.

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